Mukaishima is a magnificent island.
There are plenty of good restaurants and landscapes where we would like to recommend to you.
We wish you to have a good experience in this island!

About us

Kiso cycle is a traditional bicycle shop which is familiar to local people, the shop has been around for a long time since 1951.
We have just begun trying to be familiar to tourists and going for making a place for cultural exchange between tourists and locals while keeping it traditional.
We have Japanese souvenirs awaiting for you!
Please drop in us when you start or goal.
※Bicycle rental service for tourism is not ready yet.
※We have a long term(more than half a year) electric bicycle rental serevice.

※Not all staff can speak English well. We are grad if you speak English slowly ,enjoy speaking Japanese or body language!
We have painted shutters which only appears on Sundays and public Holidays.
The pictures of sea creatures were painted by the children living in Onomichi and to finish it all off beautifully an artist who is from Mukaishima, “ Chi.waga “painted the top section.
Our goal is that our beautifully painted shutters bring a smile to all who pass by.
Feel free to take photos and put them on SNS.
To protect our beautiful sea and ensure our children's futures,Please keep our island clean.


Here is a good location for you, located near the ferry port in Mukaishima island, which is part of the famous “Shimanami “cycling route.
There are three ferry ports in Onomichi.
The ferry port which is right next to Kiso cycle shop is for the ferry that is situated closest to Onomichi station.

Access Map

232-28 Mukaishima, Onomichi, Hiroshima



Feel free to use a bicycle pump when you pass by.
It’s for free.

About electric bicycle rental service

※If you have any question,feel free to send a message by SNS.
LINE/ Facebook / Instagram
- Service -
■Kindly choose from the plans provided (6months/12months/24months).
■The rental price depends on the type of product.
■During rental service utilization period, repairing of flat tire and maintenance is for free.
Other repair service that is not mention must be paid. The delivery fee or pick - up fee may be obtain.
■Once rental period was finished, you have the option to return or pay the balance and buy it.
■Target area(Mukaishima,Onomichi,Fukuyama,Mihara,Ikuchijima,Innoshima,Ikinajima,Sashima,Yugejima)
- Insurance -
■All bicycle that you will rent were registered for anti- theft purpose by KISO CYCLE STORE, just in case it was stolen and enrolled TS Mark ( Liability insurance).
■Please be advised that in case the renter or the third party suffer from damages caused by the breakdown of rental bicycles due to accident, the KISO CYCLE STORE will not be held liable to it and will take no responsibility at all.
■If the renter or third parties suffer and damages caused by the breakdown of the rental bicycles due to accident, the rentee and third party must use their own insurances.
- Malfunction・Theft -
■Small scratches that happened during the rental period will be considered and no extra charge.
■In case you found a defect or malfunction while using the rental bicycle. We encourage to stop riding without delay and contact KISO CYCLE STORE immediately.
■In case damaged of the rental bicycle happened due to renters negligence, the store will charge the rentee for reasons.
- Return・Cancellation・Delay -
■During the rental service period. The store does not accept refund due to cancellation of customer’s personal reasons.
■For the renter, prior to deadline of rent period the renter must call the shop in case there will be a delayed. Failure to do this will get penalty of extra charge.

- Safekeeping -
■It is recommended to keep the bicycle under the roof as much as possible.
■Kindly fill the bicycle tire with air, to prevent it becoming flat tire.
■It is not advisable to remodel and shall not lent it to others.